Friday, 25 November 2022 13:05

Zhukovsky Manor in Orekhovo



This year marks the 175th anniversary of the birth of Nikolay Yegorovich Zhukovsky, the founder of aerodynamics. In this regard, the BMSTU delegation visited the Zhukovsky Manor in Orekhovo, a village in the Vladimir Region.

Nikolay Yegorovich cherished the memory of his manor and the School. He received home education and at the age of 11 left for Moscow to get further education. Being a high school student and then a student, every holiday he came back to Orekhovo. During his half-a-century work at the Imperial Technical School, every year Nikolay Zhukovsky wrote an application to the rector with the following words: “I ask you to grant me a leave because I am leaving for Orekhovo.”

Many years have passed but the Zhukovsky Manor in Orekhovo is still closely related to Bauman Moscow State Technical University, especially to the Department of Theoretical Mechanics, which bears the name of Nikolay Zhukovsky. The Manor often hosts students of this department and arranges excursions.