Chair of L-3 (1)


Galina Grigoryevna


(Head of the Chair)

 It was founded in 2004 on the basis of the Foreign Language department. The teachers give English lessons to the students of:

  • “Mechanical Engineering technologies” (MT);
  • “Mechanical Engineering” (SM);
  • “Power Engineering” (E);
  • “Robotics and Complex Automation” (RC).
  • There are also classes with postgraduate students and applicants of the above faculties and the faculty of "SHS".


There are also faculty sections which are headed by:

- "MT" - Associate Professor Tatyana Yuryevna Borodina

- "SM" - Senior Teacher Alesya Andreevna Zorina

- "E" - Associate Professor Fufurina Tatyana Alekseevna

- "RC" – Senior Teacher Olga Andreevna Zaspa