Kira M. Inozemtseva


Senior lecturer, L2 Department, Linguistics Faculty


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Graduated from MSU (filological faculty) in 1993.

Graduated from MSLU (faculty of professional development and re-training), specializing in interpreting (English) in 1998.

Took an MA course of “Theory of translation and interlanguage communication” and got a Master’s Degree in Linguistics in MSLU in 1998.

In 2014 completed her studies in a post-graduate school of Academy of professional development and re-training of educators by the specialty “Theory and methods of professional education” (13 00 08).


Certificates of professional development:

“Innovations in science, production and education” (2010, BMSTU, 72 hours);

“University research and innovation management” (2010, De Montfort University, Great Britain, 72 hours);

“Foreign language teaching methodology in non-linguistic universities” (2011, Academy of Professional development and re-training of educators, Moscow, 72 hours);

The holder of Вand 3 certificate in Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT): 3 Modules(University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, Moscow, 2012) and

Certificate of a successful participant of 7 hours Propell Workshop for the TOEFL iBT Testpreparation (2015 г.)


Membership in professional communities:

A member of Association of Non-linguistic universities FL teachers


Professional interests:

Methods of FL and specialty interdisciplinary teaching; development of EPP teachers’ professional competency; evaluation of EPP teachers’ professional competency



Participation in conferences:

From 2011 to 2015 has participated in 15 international scientific-practical conferences devoted to contemporary problems of FL teaching in tertiary education. Made a report on the 1st conference on ELT and Applied Linguistics “Language in Focus” (Turkey, 2014). Holds certificates of the conferences’ participant.


Work experience:

Has been teaching English for general and professional purposes to undergraduates and post-graduate students at Linguistics faculty of BMSTU for 16 years (since 1999).

Has taught various aspects of English to second higher education students specializing in Linguistics and Cross-cultural communication (BMSTU).

Has been teaching methods and various aspects of subject-oriented foreign language teaching to FL teachers of non-linguistic universities (since 2011) at teacher training courses at Academy of professional development and re-training of educators on the ground of self-developed modules.



Has conducted methodical webinars for FL teachers of non-linguistic universities:

Internationalization of educational institutions: problems, experience, perspective” (2013) and “Axiological aspects of professional linguo-didactics as a methodology of FL professional education in the context of Federal State Educational Standards” (2014).


Syllabus design:

Has developed in collaboration with two colleagues the professional development syllabus “Methodology of interdisciplinary foreign language teaching” approved by Ministry of Science and Education in 2014. The syllabus is aimed at improving and developing professional competency of tertiary teachers of FL for professional purposes and has been successfully piloted in Academy of Professional development and re-training of educators in the process of training lecturers from more than 20 non-linguistic universities. The syllabus in currently being adapted to distance course requirements.


Extra-curricular activity:

Has experience of arranging and supervising the trip of BMSTU student group to Glyndwr university summer school (Wrexham, Wales, 2011)



Has 17 scientific publications, including those in peer-reviewed journals. The co-author of methodical instructions “Teaching reading to economics students specializing in banking and finance” (2012)