Tatiana N. Kuzmina


Должность:  Teacher of the English Language, Faculty of Linguistics





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Having graduated from Irkutsk State Linguistic University, I have been working in the field of teaching and education. Since 2014 I have been doing a postgraduate course in Linguistic Theory.


Teaching Summary


I am lucky enough to teach on a diverse range of directions including General English for the 1st and 2nd year students of Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering departments, Applied Linguistics and Phonetics as part of Bachelor Degree Course in Linguistics.


Research Summary


My main research interest is on concepts of human brain and language interrelation. I am fascinated by cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics and neurosciences.

My postgraduate thesis largely addresses topics like: What makes communication effective? Is there any influence of using categorical sentences on effectiveness? Are there any categorical / non categorical prototype patterns that people use in speech? I also compare 2 languages: English and Russian and apply discourse analysis for this purpose.


Selected Publications


Kuzmina T., To a question of a categorical statement, 2015.

Kuzmina T., Categorical statement in the field of cultural linguistics (aspect of stereotypical communicative Russian and English behaviour), 2015.

Kuzmina T., Psycholinguistic status of a categorical statement (by the material of the Russian language), 2016.

Kuzmina T., Categorical statements as part of institutional discourse in the English and Russian languages, in print.

Kuzmina T., Categorical statements from the point of view of strategic communication, in print.

Kuzmina T., Kosyakov V., Categorical statement as a prototype of military discourse (by the material of Russian films), in print.