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Space. Time. Civilization. STC-2023


International scientific conference

Space. Time. Civilization 


November 3rd–8th, 2023
Cairo, Egypt


   In 2023 Bauman Moscow State Technical University together with Russian Academy of Science and BITS-Pilani University for the first time will organize the International scientific conference "Space. Time. Civilization. STC-2023", which will be held in Egypt from 3 to 8 November. The conference will focus on the theory and experiment in the field of gravitation, the study of the properties of astrophysical objects and large-scale structures of the Universe, and the relationship between the development of natural sciences and sustainable Civilization development. The STC-2023 Conference is a logical extension of the Finsler Extensions of Relativity Theory (FERT) international forums (, as well as the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT) international scientific conferences (

   Three concurrent sections are planned for the conference:

· Space and Time.

· Civilization Issues.

· The Origins of Civilization.

   July 5, 2021, Bauman Moscow State Technical University hosted the opening ceremony of the XXII International Conference "Physical Interpretations of the Relativity Theory PIRT-2021". In a moment in which distance learning is more important than ever, the PIRT-2021 conference held in the Educational and Laboratory Building is providing an opportunity for all participants to share and present their contributions by means of modern multimedia technology, which allows presentations to be given both distantly and in person, in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. All reports are accompanied by simultaneous conference interpreting. 

   The XXII International Conference "PIRT-2021" aimed at discussing modern generalizations of the theory of relativity, its observable consequences; experimental verification of the theory of relativity; methods of registration of gravitational waves; effects of relativistic electrodynamics and optics of moving media; as well as astrophysical observations and space experiments.

   The PIRT-2021 program is dedicated to the latest advances in the theory of gravity, cosmology, astrophysics; more than 115 researchers from 21 countries plan to take part in the conference.

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 of the International Scientific Conference

"Fundamental and Applied Problems of Mechanics



   In October 24-27, 2017 Bauman Moscow State Technical University held the International Conference "Fundamental and Applied Problems of Mechanics" dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian scientist Nikolay Egorovich Zhukovsky.

   The main purpose of this conference was to show the results of some recent research into various areas of mechanics conducted in Russian and foreign scientific and educational institutions. Due to N.E. Zhukovsky's anniversary the special emphasis was made on the research resulted from his scientific and educational methods and conducted in modern conditions. A significant place was given to scientific and methodological issues of teaching mechanics, discussing historical issues related to the activities of well-known scientists and mechanics.

Saturday, 12 August 2017 02:53

Video clip PIRT-2017


XX International Meeting

Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory- 2017

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Yesterday, July 3, an amicable football match took place. Two international teams of PIRT-2017 conference participated in it.

You can see the Team RED and Team BLUE members in the table.

The photo report is presented below on the conference website.

They testify to the pleasure that all the match participants received.

In total there were two halves of 15 minutes. The result of the game is 0: 0.

The teams turned out to be worthy opponents!

Players and fans said that this game was a good example for future encounters!

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  October 21, 2016Prof. Istvan Hargittai and Prof. Magdolna Hargittai (Members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Budapest University of Technology and Economics visited Bauman University

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