From March 26 to March 28  BMSTU  held the All-Russian Student Foreign Language Olympiad  (English in technical universities).

51 students from 18 universities of the Russian Federation took part in the Olympiad.

Its theme was 3D technology.

The Olympiad had 2 rounds.

BMSTU team consisted of three students: David  Oganesyan (IU8-21),

Pak Don Sik (L4-42B), Dmitry Melnikov (RK5-42B).

It took 3rd place in the team competition and 2nd place in the competition of the popular science lecture,

which was organized as a competition of options for solving global problems using 3D-technology.

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Arsenii Kisarev, our MT-7 postgraduate student, came second in the International on-line Olympiad in English as a foreign language for under- and postgraduate engineering students which was held at the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

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