Kuvyrkin Georgiy Nikolaevich


   Was born on January 5, 1946 in Moscow, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, a Russian scientist majoring in the field of thermomechanics of a deformable solid.


In 1970 he graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical School, his major being strength of aircraft. Since 1973, when he finished his post-graduate studies, he has been working at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Since 2008 Georgiy Nikolaevich has been the Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics.


  In 1975 he defended his thesis for a Candidate of Sciences.


  In 1990 he defended his doctoral thesis.

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  He attended the lectures of outstanding scientists: academicians of the USSR Academy of Sciences K.S. Kolesnikov, the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences V.I. Feodosiev.


  Kuvyrkin G.N. is a well-known specialist in the field of thermomechanics of a deformable solid and thermal strength of structural elements. He obtained original results in the field of thermomechanics of a continuous medium with internal state parameters, suggested defining equations for describing thermomechanical processes in structurally sensitive materials. He also developed methods for estimating the thermoelastic properties of an inhomogeneous continuous medium, discovered and stated variants of the theory of inelastic deformation of carbon-based composite materials. Moreover, Georgiy Nikolaevichdeveloped methods and algorithms for the numerical solution of non-stationary problems of thermomechanics and calculation of the thermally stressed state of structural elements.


  Kuvyrkin G.N. is the author of 250 scientific works, including three monographs and three textbooks.


  He is a member of the Editorial Board in scientific  journals "Herald of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Ser. Natural Sciences" and  "Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods". He is the deputy chairman of the Dissertation Council for Mathematical Modeling and a member of  two dissertational councils in the field of aerodynamics and thermal regimes of aircraft and mechanics of deformable solids.


  Repeatedly he was the head of scientific research work on grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grants of the Russian Ministry of Education and research with industrial organizations.


  Kuvyrkin G.N. takes an active part in training engineers-mathematicians majoring in Applied Mathematics. He developed and provided with methodical materials the course Mathematical Models of Continuum Mechanics, which combines the fundamentality of the scientific base with the applicability of the material presented.


  Thanks to his initiative, three branches of the Department of Applied Mathematics at Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics,  Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Central Institute of Aviation Motors were organized.


  Kuvyrkin G.N. was awarded the RF Government Prize in the field of science and technology in 2003. He is an Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of Moscow (2005), Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation (2016). For the personnel training in the rocket and space industry he was awarded the Order of Tsiolkovskiy by the Federal Space Agency (2014) and medals named after S.P. Korolev (2001), M.V. Keldysh (2009) and V.N. Chelomey (2014) by the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia. In 2010 he was awarded BMSTU Badge of Honor For Merit to the University.


  Kuvyrkin G.N. is a member of the Russian National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.